CybrSchool gives parents the flexibility to homeschool using Acellus courses with the cost paid by the local district.

Acellus Courseware Accelerates Learning

“Thanks to Acellus, Sam’s math skills have elevated to a 2nd grade level already. Her reading skills have exploded. In a matter of 6 weeks she jumped 4 reading levels.”

– Alexandra S.  (Parent)

Professionally Filmed Video Lessons

Taught by some of America’s greatest teachers, Acellus courses are designed to ignite your child’s curiosity and excitement around learning.

Acellus Course Excerpts

Flexible and Self-paced Courses

Plan school time around your family’s schedule

Since each course is self-paced, your student isn’t bound by a rigid schedule set by others. This allows you to plan around work commitments while allowing time for field trips and other activities that are of interest to your student.

Vectored Instruction

Acellus Vectored Instruction is a powerful intervention strategy that provides targeted instruction to fill critical holes in a student’s foundational understanding.

Vectored Instruction provides missing foundational knowledge that is impairing student progress

Prism Diagnostics

Identify and fill knowledge gaps that are holding your student back

When students struggle, it is often because they are missing foundational concepts. Prism Diagnostics identifies holes in students’ understanding and delivers Custom Personalized Instruction to fill the gaps.

Prepare your student for a STEM career

Coding literacy is becoming mandatory for numerous STEM-related careers. Acellus STEM-10 is a ten-year program that begins in elementary and prepares students for careers in coding, electronics, and robotics.

Acellus Writing Tutor

Help Your Student Develop Strong Writing Skills

The Acellus Writing Tutor is embedded in writing assignments and provides immediate feedback and suggestions on word choice, grammar, and writing style.

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